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A devastating form of Cancer effecting 110,000 Patients/Yr. US, with a current life expectancy 2-7 months.

Involvement by cancer of pia & arachnoid mater of the brain with the subarachnoid space in between.
High incidence from breast, lung & melanoma

ELC1 Program: About Us


Chemotherapeutics: Methotrexate (MTX)

  • Delivered intravenously & intrathecally (IT & ICV)

  • Regimens vary from up to twice a week to once a month, according to the condition of the patient

  • Side effects include; peripheral toxicity, risk of infection, bruising and bleeding, anemia, hair loss

  • Not sufficiently reaching all areas of the CNS

ELC1 Program: About Us


ENC006 Program: EnClear is developing our EnTrega CSF Platform to help patients with LC by improving the distribution of chemotherapeutics to the areas of the CNS that need it most. Our goal is to reduce side effects and extend life while increasing access to therapy.

Studies have shown improved distribution of Chemotherapeutics in the CNS can extend life.[De Oca Delgado et al, 2018, Front. Oncol. 8:509]

Pre-clinical studies have shown EnClears CSF Health Platform delivers significantly higher concentrations of MTX across the central nervous system (CNS) when compared to standard of care IT & ICV.

*EnClear is currently in development of its novel EnTrega CSF Platform. Forward looking statements have not been substantiated in human clinical trials or assessed by the FDA.

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