Delivery & Monitoring Platform

The latest trends in therapeutics are rapidly increasing the need for new and novel delivery mechanisms.

  1. An increasing number of patients being diagnosed and needing therapeutics for CNS, oncology, and adjacent (genetic) diseases.

  2. An increasing number of intrathecally-delivered therapeutic modalities

  3. An increasing competition from gene therapy delivery platforms

  4. A growing body of evidence for CSF-derived bio-markers making CSF access critical

Complex intrathecal delivery & monitoring challenges have emerged as part of these trends.

Blood-brain barrier penetration, distribution, dosing, and monitoring present challenges for CNS therapeutics.

EnClears platform is designed to address the latest trends and challenges associated with new therapeutics. Providing homogeneous and predictable distribution throughout the CSF.*

* The EnClear platform is in early development, statements are currently under investigation.

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