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EnClear Therapies, Inc.
700 Main Street, North. Cambridge, MA 02139

The EnClear Team

Management Team

CEO, Co-Founder

Anthony R. DePasqua

•20yrs Med Tech Experience
•Business & Product Dev, Marketing & Sales, Portfolio Strategy
•Developed & Launched Platform Tech, Disposables & Services
•Neuro, Ortho & Oncology

Scientific Advisory Board

Kevin Eggan, Ph.D.

Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University

Clifford Woolf, Ph.D.

Director FM Kirby Neurobiology Center at Children's Hospital Boston

Manuel Navia, Ph.D.

Founder & President, Hub-Bio Strategic Advising

Bernhardt Trout, Ph.D.

Raymond F. Baddour, ScD, (1949) Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT and Member of the Advisory Board at Hedgeness

Clinical Advisory Board

William Brian Gormley, MD, MPH, MBA

Director. Neurosurgical Critical Care, BWH

Assistant Professor of Surgery. Harvard Medical School

Josh Vose, MD, MBA

Medical Director, Medical and Clinical Affairs Professional, Physician and Engineer

Board Of Directors

Jonathan Fleming, M.P.A.

President & CEO Q-State Bio

Anthony R. DePasqua

President & CEO EnClear Therapies

Kasper Roet, Ph.D.

CEO QurAlis

Gladys Nunez

Principal, Amgen Ventures at Amgen
(Observer Seat)